LTL Trucking in Kitchener

RF Transport Inc is Kitchener`s innovative LTL trucking solutions provider. Our goal is to ensure you are never paying higher freight fees than necessary and that your clients benefit from speedy shipments and on-time deliveries that lead to your organization`s growth and overall success.

When clients expect your products to be delivered in a timely and professional manner, there is no better way to ensure their complete satisfaction.

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Your Trusted Local LTL Carrier

How does LTL work, and in which scenarios does it make the most sense to opt for a local LTL carrier over shipping parcels or paying full price? We`re glad you asked. Less than load shipping is the ideal way to transport freight over 150 pounds, but less than 15,000 pounds in total, which is the maximum allowable weight per shipping container.

Rather than sending individual parcels and facing the risk that some of your goods will get lost or damaged during transport, we give you the opportunity to enhance the security and safety of your cargo without breaking the bank.

When you want to maximize savings while still meeting your client`s high expectations, we ensure your freight is delivered on time and in excellent condition. Reach our certified experts to learn more about the cost-saving opportunities available to help drive our business forward.

Benefits of Hiring an LTL Freight Company

The best reason to hire an LTL freight company is the peace of mind you get knowing your products are on route to your clients and will arrive in pristine condition without hassle.

When you work with your LTL carriers, you can also expect the following benefits:

  • Less than load shipping cuts your shipping costs since you only pay for the cargo space you use versus paying for a full shipment.
  • Your freight security and shipment reliability increase. 
  • You gain access to an affordable suite of services that accommodate your clients` needs, like liftgate service and end-to-end pickup and delivery.
  • You gain access to important tracking information such as the bill of lading, shipment reference numbers, and more.

Best LTL Carrier Rates

Lowering your freight expenses allows you to focus on growing your business in other areas while at the same time maintaining the swift shipments and products your company is known for.

Some of the factors we consider when determining the best LTL carrier rates include:

  • Distance 
  • Weight and dimensions 
  • Expedited or regular services 
  • Shipment type (refrigerated, dry, hazardous items)

An in-depth consultation allows us to fully understand your goals and deliver a comprehensive estimate at no obligation on your behalf. Connect with us today to learn more.

Call the Region’s #1 LTL Trucking Company

RF Transport Inc strives to maintain our status as the number 1 solution you can always count on when you need an LTL trucking company that contributes toward achieving your goals. We go the extra mile to ensure your cargo is safe, secure, and in excellent shape upon arrival.

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