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Freight Forwarder

When you need more than just the standard trucking services, the freight forwarders at RF Transport Inc are here to serve you. We handle every step of your freight’s journey, ensuring it arrives at the chosen destination without issue and in the most sustainable fashion.

Businesses, individuals, and families alike turn to us when they need complete trucking and logistics services. Call us at (416) 732-2319 to find out why we are the preferred choice for streamlined freight forwarding services.

Simplify and Save Big with Freight Forwarding

Are you looking for a company that offers compliant and expedited white-glove shipping services? You are not alone. Individuals and businesses are always looking for the most efficient shipping services available. They’d rather work with one trucking and shipping company with a wide array of service providers.

In the past, it was hard to find a local shipping company that could live up to its promises. These days, however, everyone knows they can turn to us whenever they’re in need. We manage every step of your freight’s journey, ensuring only the most reputable professionals handle the shipments.

Look to us when you want:

  • Optimized routing
  • Detailed breakdowns of costs
  • Logistics services
  • Swift turnarounds on deliveries
  • And more

Simplifying the Shipping Process

Any shipment passes through the hands of many professionals, no matter the distance it travels to get to its destination. There are warehouse workers, laborers at rail terminals, dock workers, truck drivers, and more. With so many hands on deck, it is easy to lose time to inefficiency.

Here, we eliminate any trace of inefficiency. We simplify every stage of the shipping process, ensuring your freight arrives at its destination in the most affordable and timely fashion possible. We make sure your shipments take the most efficient routes, and we monitor every stage of the delivery process.

Always Available for You

Would you like to learn more about our freight forwarding services? Contact our team at your leisure. We are always available to field the inquiries of potential clients.

Managing Shipments with Care

We pride ourselves on our ability to get shipments from departure to destination faster than expected. That said, speed is not our only priority as freight forwarders. As a local trucking company, we think it is our duty to also make sure every person along the freight’s journey handles it with care. We don’t want anyone to compromise the integrity of inventory, valuable family heirlooms, construction materials, or whatever you might be shipping through us.

Work with us when you want peace of mind during the entire freight forwarding process. We only work with the most reputable trucking companies, logistics companies, and other freight management professionals.

Tap Into Our Shipping Services Today

We know what is important to our clients. We know that you really want low shipping rates, a full suite of shipping and logistics services, and around-the-clock customer service. We provide all these things and more. Contact us at (416) 732-2319 to access our valued services.

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