Freight Forwarder in Kitchener

Freight forwarding is all about managing the shipment of goods on behalf of a client. While freight forwarders do not physically move your cargo, they arrange the cargo’s entire journey. They act as intermediaries between the client and a host of professionals, ranging from logistics providers to local LTL truckload companies. In short, freight forwarding companies are the ones who ensure every link in the supply chain is as dependable as possible.

When it comes to freight forwarding services in the Kitchener area, businesses, families, and individuals look to RF Transport Inc for all their shipping needs. Promising great rates, customizable shipping solutions, and more, we are here for you.

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Streamlining the Shipping Process

Every professional knows that international and national shipments—and even local ones—often exchange more hands than one person can count. The supply chain is a long and winding road. One weak link in the supply chain can take the promise of a two-day delivery and turn it into a week-long wait. When we are overseeing the shipping process, though, you never have to worry about delays or weak links. We are the freight forwarders with the experience and professional connections needed to get cargo from A to B without delay.

Expediting the Shipping Process

Time is money. Whether you’re shipping cargo at the behest of your business or you’re shipping valuable belongings to a family member, you want to save on both whenever possible. By working with us, you’ll never have to worry about those needless delays that keep recipients waiting for important freight. We only seek out the best logistics teams and the most reputable trucking companies, ensuring you get the speedy deliveries you paid for.

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Only the Best in Freight Services

We pride ourselves on our approach to freight management. Between our longstanding connections with leading carriers and the incredible rates for our services, how could you go wrong with professionals like us?

Look to us when you want:

  • Great rates on freight management
  • Helpful forwarding agents
  • Around-the-clock freight tracking
  • Full suite of freight services
  • And more

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Are you worried that your expectations are too high for any trucking company to fulfill? Are you worried that professionals might mismanage your over-dimensional freight’s journey? There is no reason to worry when you enlist the expertise of our local freight forwarders. Over the years, we have established strong professional relationships with the nation’s leading trucking companies, couriers, logistics companies, and everyone in between.

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