Freight Forwarder in Oshawa

When savvy businesses and individuals are looking for cost-effective and streamlined shipping services, they turn to the freight forwarders at RF Transport Inc. Ranked among the finest of all freight forwarding companies in the Oshawa region, we are here to minimize delays, negotiate fair rates, and secure the best carriers for the job.

From the paperwork that comes with securing trucking companies to the procuration of cargo insurance, we handle every aspect of your freight’s journey. Look to us when you want to simplify the shipping process for a great rate.

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First Choice for Freight Forwarding

Local businesses look to us when they need to transport valuable freight lengthy or short distances. They know that we treat shipments with the utmost care. What’s more, we go to great lengths to optimize the entire shipping process. From the first loading dock to the final stage of the journey, we promise nothing short of the most cost-effective service.

Full Suite of Integrated Services

As a freight forwarding company, we are expected to manage every step of your freight’s journey—but what does that mean for us? For some companies, it might mean securing an 18-wheeler truck for a local shipment and that’s that. Here, we are prepared to do a little more than that. We go the distance—just like your freight.

Some of what you can expect from us includes:

  • Export packing
  • Warehousing
  • Up-to-date shipment tracking
  • Local transport
  • Customs clearance
  • And more

Shipping Experts Worth Partnering With

Between our array of services and our commitment to customer satisfaction, it won’t be long before you start thinking of us as a trusted colleague on your journey to success. We won’t just preserve your reputation—we will elevate it. Your freight’s recipients will be grateful that you decided to work with professionals like us.

You’ll always be able to count on us for reduced rates, fast turnarounds, and more. Call us when you are in need.

Transporting Goods with Care

It isn’t enough to transport shipments swiftly. What matters most is that your freight arrives at its destination in perfect condition. Without the promise of safe transport, it does not matter how quickly the freight moves.

Some of what we do to protect your freight includes:

  • Arrange for the proper packaging of goods
  • Arrange special transport for over-dimensional freight when necessary
  • Utilization of on-board carriers
  • Cargo insurance
  • And more

Work with our local freight forwarding company when you want peace of mind and service for great rates.

Access Our Valued Shipping Services Today

We offer a full suite of integrated services to our clients because we understand how the shipping industry operates. We want to make your freight’s journey through the supply chain as straightforward, cost-effective, and interruption-free as possible. With services like ours, we don’t just meet the standards of our industry—we exceed them.

Tap into the value-added integrated services of our team today. Call (416) 732-2319 now to speak with our dedicated freight forwarding team.