Local Pick Up and Delivery Service in Oshawa

RF Transport Inc offers a wide array of courier services, but the quality of our services sets us apart in local pick up and delivery. An option for every budget, our services run the gamut between cost-effective standard selections and higher-end white-glove choices.

All commercial and residential areas of Oshawa and surrounding are part of our route network, and we’d love to add you!

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RF Transport Inc’s Local Pick Up and Delivery Service Has Something for Everyone

When your inventory has started making the walls close in your storage unit, it’s a sign that the time has come for RF Transport Inc to come in and save the day. Depending on your budget, there are different ways to go. From inside or curbside, our team will carefully pick up and pack up our trucks and deliver straight away, or we can store your belongings inside our warehouse until the time is right.

Stricter budgets can save by cutting out the pick-up service and dropping it off at our storage facility. All choices are yours!

Some local pick up and deliveries we offer include:

  • Door to door
  • Warehouse to door
  • Business to business
  • Business to business and return to you
  • Business to airport or waterfront
  • Airport or waterfront to business
  • Business to home
  • White glove pick up and delivery
  • Home delivery, unpack, set up, clean up
  • On the call, on-demand drivers

Call us with your needs and be impressed by our quality service.

Our Local Pick Up and Delivery Services Cater to You

Whenever the phone rings we know the opportunity is there to make a fellow Oshawa citizen’s life easier by freeing up their time and lessening their stress. This is a responsibility that carries a lot of weight with us.

When you choose to work with our local delivery company, you are guaranteed:

  • Timeliness
  • Care for cargo
  • Reliability
  • Cost efficiency
  • Customer support

Monitor Your Delivery Status

We want to be your go-to company for shipping assistance and problem-solving. That’s why we offer real-time package tracking capability. It’s why we keep our lines open and trucks operating day and night. It’s why our local pick up and delivery service staff and drivers are top of their game and dedicated to being on time with uncompromised parcels.

Let us handle your shipments. Call us to learn more.

No Obligation Local Delivery and Pick Up Quotes

Not every client has the same specific needs as you. That’s why every customer gets their own customized no-obligation quote and plan. Your price and delivery procedure will be unique to you.

Call us to discuss the details of our services and receive your quote.

The Best in Local Delivery Service and Pricing

When you’re ready to get your products moving, errands run, packages delivered, small furniture assembled, freight transported, paperwork signed and returned, and a myriad of things in between, we are ready to field your call.

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