Local Pick Up and Delivery Service in Toronto

RF Transport Inc is proud to offer local pick up and delivery service throughout Toronto and the surrounding area.

Some of our clients need a pick up. Some need a delivery. Some need both. Whatever it is you need, give us a call at (416) 732-2319. RF Transport Inc operators are waiting to assist you by phone. Don’t delay, the next package we attend to could be yours!

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Local Pick Up and Delivery

No matter your goods, we can pick up, deliver, and ship them in and around Toronto. If you have something of nominal size, like a document or collectible, we will handle it carefully and make sure it is properly surveilled, never getting lost in the shuffle. If your needs are more moderate, like collecting and transporting boxes, groceries, or small furniture, we will relocate them with precision. And if your parcels are on the larger end, we will make sure everything stays in the condition we received it by using our top-of-the-line equipment.

Our finesse has earned us the most expansive and most loyal customer base, and we love watching it keep growing and growing. We want the word spread far and wide that RF Transport Inc can pick up and deliver it all.  

Simplified Local Pick Up Delivery Process

Life is complicated enough. Time flies and your days are already packed with work and errands. No wonder people are relying on businesses like RF Transport Inc to help out. Our rates are designed with the average consumer in mind. We make it easier to have your items picked up or delivered without hurting your bottom line. But our rates aren’t the only thing that makes us stand out from the local competition. We’ve also streamlined and simplified the local pick up and delivery process. Read more about it below!

Our process

Step one: Call to speak with our helpful, friendly customer support team. We are ready to listen and assist.

Step two: Let us know what you need picked up and where it is. We will reserve the right sized vehicle and as many of our professional, able, experienced drivers as required.

Step three: Let us know where each item is going. That’s right, multiple destinations are fine. We will design the most time-efficient routes to complete deliveries.

Step four: We will email or text you your tracking information so you can know just where your package(s) are located.

Step five: Receive confirmation of your delivery.

Is it really this easy? Yes. Call us today to get started.

RF Transport Inc: Unmatched Local Pick Up and Delivery

At RF Transport Inc, we work hard to keep things moving at the quickest pace while keeping your belongings or materials protected. Get in touch with us to learn more about our services and how we can accommodate your pick up and delivery needs.

Call (416) 732-2319 today. We look forward to helping you move your goods from origin to the final destination.